The Benefits of Sealcoating Your Driveway

Asphalt driveways take a beating from the second that they’re installed outside of a home. It’s why it’s important for homeowners to do whatever it takes to protect their asphalt driveways to extend the life of them. If you’re looking for a way to make sure your asphalt driveway lasts for a long time, hiring a driveway sealcoating company like ours is your best course of action. We will sealcoat your driveway and provide it with the protection it needs moving forward.

Right now, you might be asking yourself the question, “Why is sealcoating your asphalt driveway important?” Here are some of the things that sealcoating with help from JK Seal Coaters will protect your driveway from:

Sun: The asphalt used to create an asphalt driveway consists of a mixture of stone and tar. The tar binds the stone together to make an asphalt driveway strong. However, when an asphalt driveway is subjected to direct sunlight all the time, damaging UV rays from the sun can break the tar down over time, which could cause your driveway to crumble. This process is called “oxidation,” and it can be prevented by working with a blacktop sealing contractor and having them apply it directly over your asphalt driveway to form a protective barrier from the sun for it.

Rain, Snow, and Ice: An asphalt driveway is a porous surface. Water can easily penetrate asphalt and saturate the sub-base of your driveway. When this happens, it can cause the base of your driveway to become spongy or wash it out from under the surface completely. This will prevent it from providing the surface of your driveway with the proper support, which can eventually lead to buckling and cracking.

Cold temperatures also make a moisture problem even worse. The surface of your asphalt driveway can become saturated with water and then freeze and thaw throughout the colder months. This can cause your driveway to expand and contract and break down the binding capabilities of your asphalt. You can avoid finding yourself in this scenario by utilizing the services of a reliable driveway sealcoating company. When your driveway is sealed properly, water won’t be able to work its way down into your asphalt surface. Black sealer will also attract the sun in the wintertime and help melt snow and ice off your driveway so that they don’t do any damage to it.

Automotive Fluids: If you park vehicles on your asphalt driveway on a regular basis, it’ll be exposed to oil, gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more over time. These fluids can all be extremely harmful to an asphalt driveway.

When you call on JK Seal Coaters to be your driveway sealing company in Ulster County, we’ll apply a commercial-grade sealer to your asphalt driveway that will stand up to all the aforementioned damaging conditions. It will also double the life expectancy of your asphalt driveway in many cases, if you make it a point to apply sealer to your driveway every two to three years. With asphalt driveway installations going up in price almost every year these days, it’s smart to protect your investment and steer clear of having to do an asphalt driveway installation again anytime in the near future.

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